Time schedule of the habilitation qualification procedure

Starting the procedure with the Convention





Selecting the Examination Committee
1+3+2+2+1 = 9
The Dean: chairperson
3 written examiners (subject experts, possibly from related fields)
2 oral examiners from the scientific area of the habilitation
1 examiner each from the other two scientific areas
1 examiner from another faculty

Selecting external examiners

Selection of a 15-member committee (5 members from each of the 3 scientific areas)

2. Assessment time limit   10 weeks
  The time limit may be reduced with the consent of all the examiners.
3. The Examination Committee's meeting Recommendation for approval of the document  
4. Display period Notification to all persons qualified to teach at professorial level 3 weeks
5. Meeting of the Habilitation Committee 1 Decision on the document and presentation topic 1
6. Notifying the habilitation candidate Regarding approval of the document, presentation topic and date of presentation  
7. Preparation time for the presentation   4 weeks
  The time allowed for preparation of the presentation may be reduced with the consent of the habilitation candidate.    
8. Meeting of the Habilitation Committee 2
Habilitation presentation, colloquium, qualification to teach at professorial level
    Minimum time required for the procedure: 4,5 months
  The habilitation procedure should be initiated during the last Convention meeting of the semester before planned completion, at the very latest.
The minimum time required for the procedure may be exceeded due to difficulties in scheduling the required appointments.