Gender Equality Officers

We promote equality at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • by providing information on support programmes for female scientists,

  • through our involvement in the university self-administration,

  • through our role as deputy chair in the Gender Equality Committee at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, founded in 2013,

  • through our participation (without voting rights; with right of objection) in professorship appointment committees and in recruitment procedures for non-professorial academic staff,

  • through our involvement in developing the university's guidelines on the empowerment of women and the promotion plans of the faculties,

  • by issuing competent advice on employment law matters, and

  • through our cooperation with the staff council.


For questions and advice on managing study / work and family life, please contact the Family Officer at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities or the Family Service Office at Kiel University.

Gender Equality Commission

The Gender Equality Commission of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities was founded in 2013 and addresses the following issues:

  • development of measures to promote gender equality
  • counselling of the dean on matters of gender equality
  • assistance with the application for and implementation of gender equality measures at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.