Oral examination

(Section 21 PromO 2014): For the oral examination, there are two options available for the defence of the doctoral dissertation (disputation) :

  1. In the first process (Section 21 (2)) you defend your doctoral dissertation by means of a 20 minute presentation, followed by a 70 minute colloquium. In the presentation, you explain the results of your dissertation and answer questions related to it. In the colloquium, you answer questions related to the broader scientific context of your dissertation, and to subject areas and methodical questions that may affect the subject as a whole as well as related subjects.
  2. In the second process (Section 21 (3)) you present a seminar paper about a topic related to your doctoral degree subject, but which must not be directly related to your dissertation topic. For this, you must submit three suggested topics for the presentation when registering for the doctoral examination procedure, of which the examination committee will select one for presentation. The selected topic will be made known to you at the start of the display period. Presentation of the selected topic takes 20 minutes. This is followed by a 70 minute colloquium.

It is possible to take the oral examination in English, provided that all members of the committee agree. Please apply in writing to take the oral examination in English.