Institutes of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Kiel University incorporates 18 institutes, of which three are jointly run with other faculties. With around one third of all students at the university, it is also the largest of the total of eight faculties. The Kunsthalle (Museum of Fine Arts) also falls under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and houses the paintings collection as well as the antique collection belonging to the Institute of Classics.

In addition, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is responsible for centres and networks which provide services for the whole of Kiel University. The Gustav-Radbruch-Network for Environmental Philosophy and Ethics is currently under construction.

The Institutes

The wide variety of humanities subjects that are represented in research and teaching at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can be broadly categorised into three large scientific areas.

Scientific Area 1 (Cognition, Behaviour and Society)

Scientific Area 2 (Language and Literature)

Institute of English Studies

Institute of German Studies

Institute of Modern German Literature and Media

Institute of Classics

Institute of Scandinavian Studies, Frisian Studies and General Linguistics (ISFAS)

Institute of Romance Studies

Institute of Slavic Studies

Scientific Area 3 (History, Arts and Everyday Culture)

Institute of European Ethnology / Folklore Studies

Institute of History

Institute of Art History

Institute of Oriental Studies

Institute of Music

Institute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology
(together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)