Women to the Stage!

Increasing the Visibility of Female Researchers at Lecture Series, Summer Schools, Conferences and Symposia

An analysis of previous lecture series and research days at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has shown that male researchers are much more visible at these events than female researchers. This is surprising particularly since the number of female professors is growing and more than half of the Faculty’s mid-level positions are held by female researchers. To increase the visibility of female researchers and to make their work available to a wide audience, it is now possible to apply for financial support for events such as lecture series, summer schools, conferences and symposia, provided that at least 40 percent of the speakers at the event are women. It is possible to apply for up to 1000,– euros in total for travel expenses and hotel accommodation, speaker’s fees, as well as advertising for the event. Members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can apply.

A written application of no more than two to three pages can be sent to the Gender Equality Officers electronically (gleichstellung@philfak.uni-kiel.de). The application should include the following information:

  • a description of the event (series)
  • an overview and short introduction of the speakers or the persons who have been invited to speak
  • a brief description of how the event will be advertised / announced
  • the target audience and expected number of attendees
  • a brief calculation of expenses


Applications can be submitted until 15 May for events scheduled for the winter term and until 15 December for events scheduled for the summer term respectively.

Flyer of Women to the Stage!