Oral examination phase

Participation in the defence of the doctoral dissertation (disputation) is only possible if both examiner's reports are available within the deadline, if the thesis has received at least the grade “opus idoneum” – satisfactory (see Section 25 (2) of PromO 2014), and if there are no objections during the display period.

The oral examination phase is determined by the faculty. It lasts three weeks. At the beginning of the display period, you will be informed of the exact date of your defence of the doctoral dissertation (disputation), and in the event of disputation in terms of Section 21 (3) of PromO 2014, also the chosen topic for the presentation.

After the defence of the doctoral dissertation (disputation), the examination minutes will be issued to you in a sealed envelope. Please hand in the envelope personally to the Examination Office as soon as possible after the examination. It is possible to submit the examination minutes via the letterbox on the door of the Examination Office.